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For clients in Colorado or traveling to form a video crew, ENG, EFP, film, corporate or other type of camera crew Mister Photon Media specializes in these services and can get specific crew members referred to you or provide them pending your preference. As a client producing any type of film, television or video production take comfort in our professional experience via Nick starting professionally in 1990. Nick and other crew members are available to assist your production in any Colorado area.

This is demo reel, with various production types, but you can see video by category on this page.

Mister Photon Media's television crew in Denver Colorado for the TV show 'Last Cake Standing."
Mister Photon Media’s TV crew in Denver Colorado for the television show ‘Last Cake Standing.”

Types of Camera Crew Members:
Mister Photon Media

Some people on camera crews have overlapping skills, like our founder Nick Teti, and NIck can provide or refer other types of freelancers to you including director of photography, cameraman, camera operator, AC, sound recordist among several others.

Director of Photography, Cinematographer, DP, DOP

The Director of Photography, aka DP or DOP or cinematographer is the leading cameraman or woman often directing the gaffer, the talent, among others on a camera crew, film crew, TV, or video crew. The term has become a bit ambigious applied to video, as opposed to film poduction. The term orginated in feature films, documentaries or motion picture film production but now is sometimes used in non film based cameas.

Freelance Cameraman or Camerawoman

In Mister Photon Media’s instance Nick provides freelance cameraman services for all types of video productions, film or television. Nick’s skills cover all types of productions in television, motion picture film, ENG video, corporate / business video production, among other specific programs or production types.

Camera Operator

Using the word in the definition, a camera operator operates a camera under the direction of a director, or director of phography or producer or TD/tecnical director. MIster Photon Media’s camera ownership and experience with thousands of cameras over decades make us a great fit for freelance camera operator services.

Video or Camera Engineer / Shader

A video engineer can be assigned to shading cameras, switching cameras, or  setting up other video or audio equipment resources. Shading cameras or matching cameras adjusts camera luminance (lighness or white to black) and pedestal levels (master black levels), color balances among other camera levels and settings to match video & make acceptable.

Technical Director / TD

Often switches cameras and directs camera operators, graphics operators, A1 or sound board operators, replay or people on a camera crew. The video crew is producing a live broadcast, like sports, news, or other type of broadcast TV production.

Videographer, sometimes called a cameraman or camerawoman

A videographer operates a video camera, provides lighting direction or lights subjects, shots & scenes, often records sound among other production tasks that may include on camera talent direction.

Production location Sound Recordist / Sound Mixer

A location sound mixer or recordist (among the synonyms like sound man, sound guy, audio guy or woman, sound engineer or assistant, operator, tech or technician, among others), is responsible for managing audio sources like wireless lavalieres, lavalieres, shotgun microphones, hand held microphones or other sources near or on camera talent. These sources are mixed by a mixer recorder typically and recorded with referenced time code when possible to or from camera(s). Often audio that is mixed is also sent to a camera for recording.


Is responsible for lighting, rigging devices, like lights, c-stands, clamps, grip equipment or other camera, lighting or grip equipment in a smaller camera crew. They can also double as a generator operator, electrician taking electricity from a generator or other electric source and distributing this to lighting equipment or other camera gear. They may also direct grips, electricians, generator operators or other crew video, film or television crew members.

Grips or GE (Grip and Electric)

These camera support people include grip, key grip, swing grip, GE, and sometimes generator operator. Grips take direction from the gaffer, best boy, cinematographer, camera department or others to assist in lghting, rigging, electrical distribution.

  • Key Grip – takes instruction from the gaffer, DOP or others and directs other grips on production tasks.
  • Grip – may double as the key grip on a smaller video, film or television crew, or may take directions from the key grip, gaffer or camera department.
  • Swing Grip – may take on several tasks from gaffer, grip, rigging grip or on a smaller camera crew or asist where needed with other tasks.
  • Grip Truck or Van –

Electrician or G&E

Is often a gaffer whom can light, as well operate a generator or other electrical devices like power distribution. Or on a larger crew they arrange electrical distribution for film or television sets, or may configure systems or studios or may be on location providing electrician support there.

Data Manager or Wrangler

A person whom takes video files, audio files most often and transfers, archives and may also log video or audio files, sync video to audio if needed. These video files are transferred to storage on HDD’s most often.

Field Producer (aka video, film or television producer)

Tasked with pulling the crew, directing crew and talent, often assisting with a production budget or keeping the budget in range, arranging the schedule, scripts and shot lists (sometimes often) among other management roles.

Director, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or assistant

PA, production assistant

AC: 1st assistant camera, 2nd or 3rd

DIT, digital imaging technician

Demo Reels

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Colorado Areas Served

Each link below is a Google map link to the corresponding city’s information. These links will open in a new web browser tab.

The Denver Colorado Area & Metro Areas

The Denver metro area is the highest population density surrounded by these areas that are listed in order to proximity to Denver. Mister Photon Media is within less than an hour when you call of all these areas. (Outside website map links directly below)

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CBS Sports, NFL Coverage on The Pittsburg Steelers by Nick, Mister Photon Media, Denver Colorado. Denver Colorado
CBS Sports NFL Coverage on The Pittsburg Steelers by Nick, Mister Photon Media, in Denver Colorado at Invesco Stadium.

South of Denver, But Not Quite too South

Mister Photon Media’s camera crew is less than an hour of these areas as well for your production; whether it’s video production, broadcast television or film, count on Mister Photon.

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Boulder Colorado & Surrounding Areas

Mister Photon has worked extensively throughout the Boulder CO area & it’s surrounding areas:

Local location sound in Boulder Colorado with RED Epic Dragon cameras by Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media.
On location sound in Boulder Colorado at Chataqua Park with RED Epic Dragon cameras by Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media.

Colorado Springs area
& it’s surrounding areas

Call on Mister Photon in all of Colorado Springs CO among other surrounding cities. Colorado Springs is more in the center of the state and it’s surrounding areas include:

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Aside from these areas, we can be in other Colorado areas as well for your video production, film, television, ENG or other type of production.

Local Colorado Springs CO camera crew for NBC Sports & The Golf Channel, including Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media.
Local Colorado Springs CO camera crew for NBC Sports & The Golf Channel, including Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media. Includes Colorado Springs areas camera crew, film, TV, ENG, HD or 4K or other type for production.

Southern Colorado areas / South CO

Mister Photon has worked in many of these areas either as an entire crew or providing crew member support.

Southern Colorado areas span:

Aside from much of Colorado Mister Photon Media is well traveled, nationally, as well in some other countries for productions mainly in television, as well some film or non broadcast video productions.

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The Weather Channel / NBC, Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, Colorado.
The Weather Channel / NBC, by cameraman Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, Colorado Rocky Mountains. ENG video crew for live broadcast television. On this gig cameraman & location sound expert Nick Teti to support this broadcast.

Fort Collins CO & Northern Colorado areas

Call Mister Photon in Colorado’s north CO areas in the north part of state as well. The major northern Colorado cities are:

Northern CO also includes:

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Lindsey Vonn interview, location sound recordist interview, 2017 World Cup Finals Skiing in Aspen CO
At the World Cup Finals Skiing, Interview, 1st place, 2017 World Cup Championship in Aspen Colorado for the women’s competition. Nick Teti, providing local location sound recordist & mixer services, (not seen in this picture but on location with this video crew).

Colorado Rocky Mountain areas

Here’s an ad Nick Teti worked in the Rocky Mountains.

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Working on a music video production for a concert promotion in Denver CO by Nick of Mister Photon Media.
Working on a promotional music video production for a concert promotion in Denver CO at the Pepsi Center by Nick of Mister Photon Media.

Colorado’s Foothills

Bordering the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains are several cities that include:

We’re close to many of these areas and can be close to some in 30 minutes when you call for video production, broadcast television or film production needs.

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Western Colorado areas

Mister Photon has been through much of west Colorado. Grand Junction is the largest western Colorado area, followed by Vail, as far as the population sizes. There are numerous popular western Colorado and Rocky Mountain areas for production as well.

Other western areas include:

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Location sound recordist services for a Subaru Commercial in Crested Butte, Colorado. Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, all Colorado sound man.
Providing services for a Subaru Commercial in Crested Butte, Colorado. Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media. Subaru ‘Snow Day”

More east to Eastern Colorado areas

The east CO areas are vast as well. From the northern to southern border of the state, Eastern CO starts from Brighton.

Below are map links to Google Maps for your reference that open in a new tab. We enjoy working so call for your production resource in any of these areas or wherever else needed in the state. 

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Production samples by Nick Teti for video, film and television productions in Colorado.
Production samples by Nick Teti for video, film and television productions in Colorado.

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